Our Mission

C3 logo mission purpose 

Missions Statement:
Connecting our Community to Christ


Purposes Statement: C3

Connecting to Christ through living a life of worship and real relationships. (Matthew 22:37-39)

Cultivating believers to become committed followers of Christ. (Matthew 28:20)

Communicating Christ to our community through serving and sharing our God stories. (Matthew 20:26; 28:19)


Bethel Church Core Values

1) Everything we do must begin from, continue with & be obedient to God in prayer.

2) God’s Word directs how we do life and accomplish His purposes.

3) We are guided and guarded by the Holy Spirit who empowers us to use extraordinary faith.

4) We treat every person as a VIP: a valuable important person.

5) We empower every Christ follower to minister and share their God story.

6) We are intentional about embracing our community’s diversity.

7) We value family ministries.