Service Times & Directions

Sundays at Bethel

Bethel Church Service (English)
@10:00AM [Main Building]

Bethel New Beginnings Spanish Service (Spanish)
@10:00AM [West Building]
Pastor Jose Morales

Bethel Vietnamese Service
@10:30AM [off site]
Pastor Esther Truong 813-900-1317

Bethel Chin Service (Burmese) 
@7:45PM [West Building] 
Lai Lian Thang 813-447-6718

Wednesdays at Bethel // 7PM


PRISM Tampa Youth Service [West Building]

Kidz Club / Kidz Land / Kidz Village

1510 West Hillsborough Ave
Tampa, FL 33603

We are located on the corner of Hillsborough & Rome, just west of the Hillsborough River